31 August 2007

Today I learned something new:

  • France has 79% voter turnout at presidential elections. US: 49% tops.
  • France actually has more tourists visit the country that it has people in the country.
  • Oil consumption per capita per year in France: 4.25 tons. US: 8.35 tons (#1 worldwide).
  • Health care spending in France is about half that spent in the US ($2288 per capita vs. $4271)
  • Taxes are 45.3% of the GDP in France (29.6% in the US), but the wealthiest third contributes 67.9% of that, whereas in the US, the richest third is only contributing 6.3% of the figure.
  • AND DRUMROLL: Wine consumption per capita: US 7 liters, France 47 liters!

ps. I have yet to see a beret. Golf hats seem to be popular with old men, though.

Now this is a meal! Bienvenue au l'omelette provencale, des legumes crudites, et du vin blanc.

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michmark said...

That meal looks wonderful. Now would you translate and tell us what it is? I'm glad you're doing so well.