28 August 2007

Extra! Extra!

This Colleen is following through on previous promises and is now establishing a blog.
Premises of the blog:
  • I make no promises; I offer only hopes.
  • I hope to write at least monthly, beginning with my year-long sojourn in France (start date: tomorrow).
  • I hope to include many many photos.
  • I hope to share insights and reflections, not to the exclusion of funny stories, announcements, and recipes.
  • I hope to continue having personal contact with many of you checking this blog--to not leave you to the unsatisfactory ambiguities of mass communication.
  • I hope to write sometimes in French.
  • I hope...[please fill in a hope you have for me in the coming year].
Thank you for coming.


Shelby said...

There is no hope, only do, young padawan :D Good luck, gardening fiend~~

John Planer said...

I look forward to reading your postings, Colleen. I'll check daily. May you have a glorious year!

michmark said...

Great Idea! I'm sure you will make us feel like we are there with you at times. I hope you create many wonderful memories.-Uncle Mark

Peeair said...

Bread looks tasty,
Looks like it was baked using long handled peel?
Be well...
don't forget to try the 05 Bordeaux

Hilary said...

Hello my Love!!! I miss you! I enjoy very much reading of you new adventures... can't wait to hear more! I Love You!