18 January 2008

Paris: Check

Meet up with the Jan Term group of MC Professor Thelma Rohrer, the woman who does everything: Check.

View of Paris from the amazingly elevation of the Sacre Coeur church (which used to be in the countryside outside of Paris: Check.

Visit the oh-so-opulent Opera Garnier, home to the Phantom: Check.

See (at least) two sections of the impossibly large Louvre museum: Check.

Be silly in the courtyard of the Royal Palace: Check.

Visit roomfuls of Monet's waterlilies, Orangerie Museum: Check.

Stand next to a VanGogh painting in the Musee d'Orsay: Check.

Bask in the stain-glass-window-tainted light of Ste. Chapelle, the "jewel box" of Paris: Check.

Also accomplished: the Musee Cluny (medieval and Renaissance art), Centre Pompidou (contemporary and modern art), an afternoon in a cafe, mastering the metro system, good and adequate sleep and food, entertaining company, and no missed trains!


Hilary said...

YEAHH!!! For the trains!!!

Leslie said...

Hot diggity dang--what a lovely "photograph" (French style) I am.

John Planer said...

Did you see the Marmottan Museum?
The Musee Gustave Moreau?